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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2012 9:31am-10:01am PST

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demolished under the same contract. this project is now complete and closed up. utility relocation, substantial completion of four of the contracts already. that means the streets are back open for use. phase one of private utility relocation on the cross streets, specifically, first and fremont street, have been completed. the public utility relocation has been completed, so we can do all the excavation. on going, there are two contracts, one on mission street for the until water system. it does not affect our construction, but is a commitment we have. again, a sewer location on howard street, also outside of the plan of the excavation. transit center project during
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this year, the design has gone from the 50% level, delivered in february, to 100%, where we are currently in final plans, checking for below-grade concrete work. we are at 95% on the balance of the work, the structure of bubp grade. -- above grade. we have an up to schedule, at this point, planned for face to work. -- plan for phase 2 work. we have a series of planned utility contracts as well as additional contracts which are not to work to any specific construction package, such as
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survey, a temporary power, traffic control. these have been small business contracts. we will continue to look for maintenance services as well to keep the site clean, not just within our fences, but in the sidewalks around us. we have issued out two contracts as well this year. we have an rfq process. we have not yet qualified bidders for the final bid, so that we are not faced possibly on qualified contractors being a low bidder. the below-grade contract for structural concrete and waterproofing, the rfq is presently out. we are expecting responses next week. the glazing design-build put out earlier this year, we have a short list of contractors. that will go to the next phase,
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which is the actual bids, after we have done preliminary, specialized testing to do what we need to get a safe and glazing system -- safe glazing system. we got the permit in february. we took the bids, the contract was awarded. the cdsm shoring wall wasn't finished one month early. with the exception of the last half of first street and fremont street, where we are moving utilities in the second phase of work. the massive excavation, therefore, started this year, when your early. we are making progress at the west end. -- one year earlier. the buttress work is approximately 15% complete.
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we have demolished most of the old terminal basement, now getting into putting the crossed bracing in. 301 mission st. wall was completed over the last year. we had a quarter million kraft hours -- craft hours. we have also had a special archeological digging, recovering a few artifacts. this has pubeen put together in the lobby admission. the staff says that the public as well received it. we have some design scope that has changed as a result of a wider train box to accommodate high-speed rail. we have now introduced a cable
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stay so that there are no connections on top of the box. the 35% design is completed. we have submitted those. we will be continuing the design this year with caltrans, completing it. the bus storage project, jacobs has made progress on that. the plans have been revised. additional meetings with caltrans. we have met with all the city and local people. we are positioned now to go into final design. we issued a construction management rfp to bring on a construction manager to get ready, so that when we do the final construction documents, there is that input. that was in november. we got six proposals yesterday, all engineering companies.
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there was a revised preliminary engineering report, which included all the requirements of high-speed rail to get an agreement so we got funding from the railroad administration that included track and profile plans, revised construction cost estimate, which made very little difference to the total cost because we were able to take certain portions out that we no longer need. we also looked at a dual mode analysis report just in case dtx start work, but they have not electrified the peninsula. that is unlikely. we would like to have everything at the same time. that makes more sense. just briefly, the phase one, we
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have now been awarded work to 50% of that. we have committed 635 million. others will be followed shortly. work done to date has been just over 400 million. this gives you an idea of where we are. the bus storage project should be ready to go out to bid next year, and we will have construction finished by 2014. the utility relocation work is complete. the transit center building, we will do a series of design and it awards during this coming year. all design will be finished.
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the below grade structure contract will be awarded next year. the glazing is a long time because you cannot build it all quickly. you need a lot of markups. that is not critical at this stage. that is due to be erected and finished early to the middle of 2017. the superstructure, which will be bid out will have a lot of steel work, and that is the next one after the below great concrete work. the building and finish is the last piece of it. the bus construction will be
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phased in to go with it so we can have access to the building with opening everything towards the end of 2017 to usable terminal. the tpx design will be going very slowly in 2012. we have presently scheduled funding to start final design in 2013 to start going into construction with a schedule to in fact have reaail operations y 2020. that would be caltrans and or amtrak. so the plan for 2012, the real work is in fact moving into finishing all design work so there will be no more design
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work after 2012. the construction side is about shoring up the excavation work, and we will be working through the completion of the excavation one by one. some starting at the west end and working from west to east. and we expect to finish one and two, including excavation and how that was retrieved. the terminal in 2012 will continue to be maintained and operated in the same successful way. the bus and storage facility, we will finish the design and our schedule to complete that final review in november.
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getting ready to bid the project out in 2013. real-estate acquisition, we will be working to complete an assembly on block 5, which is behind 201 mission to make that a single parcel. the new bus ramps, the design is we will go through the basis that we normally have for approval. the final review by october of 2012. we can put that out to bid in 2013. the transit center building will have all the design work completed with the building construction documents. we will put off until 2013 certain specialists packages like that i t communication, it come security signaling work,
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because these do not to be -- not need to be designed now and then find new methods. we will complete the supply system and will complete all private utility relocations so we can finish wall. the project will be as-needed services during this year, and we will be focusing on the systems elements for the rails so we have a the same system. it is the same consultants. we will continue to work with all of our partners and real business as the year goes by --
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in rail business as the year goes by. the contract activity for this year, we will have the substructure, which is the next big contract, around 80 million, intended to be awarded mid-year 2012. we will have another one of the small contracts for pedestrians sidewalks in july. the above-grade project will probably be in november. this will be the structural steel work. we will obviously award the construction management services with the bus storage in march or april. that completes our plan. i would like to hand it over. supervisor kim: thank you.
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>> good morning, directors. i am legislative affairs and community outreach manager. i will be presenting the community are reached portion of this year's report. we have two primary goals. number one, we want to keep the public and our neighbors around the site who live and work around the site informed of our construction activities, in particular any changes that will impact tropical rafficl flow ory to day activities. we want to let them know about the milestones we are reaching. we have five regularly- scheduled mechanisms in place. with a monthly community are reached meeting -- outreach meeting that anyone from the public can attend. we advertised that on our web site and any of our materials.
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they are very well attended. we now regular get seven dozen people attending the meetings filling up the large conference room. it is mostly people who are interested in the progress of the project. people are curious about the construction activity. and of course what the transit downtown will mean for the city. we also have a citizens advisory committee that meets every month that is made up of representatives that are going to be utilizing the new transit center. we are currently soliciting applications for new members on that committee. we have a 24 hour hot line that
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anyone can call at any time if they have a question or concern about anything happening at that moment on the site. a member of our construction team is there to respond. if the response is insufficient, then we are able to respond the next day. we also do a 10-day construction outlook that anyone can sign up through our web site. this talks they today about the construction activities and also talks about any changes to traffic flow, detours inside what closures. we have implemented a new quarterly newsletter here yet we want to highlight the progress we are making, specifically in the form of major milestones. we are sending this to all of our supporters and the federal and state agencies we work with, neighbors around the site.
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all of you are on the list what we highlighted in that it was the completion of the demolition work. 55,000 hours of labor without any accidents or injuries. that is something we're very proud of. in addition to the regular mechanisms we have in place, we work with the consultants to be generating media coverage that will raise awareness about what the new transit center will mean that for our city, region, state. also about the milestones that we have reached. we also want to take the media opportunities to talk about what the media project will eventually be. the archaeology exhibit that opened in december got substantial media coverage.
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we had a story in "the chronicle." we had a story that was picked up internationally. it was picked up in "the huffington post." just to quickly highlight some of the milestones we emphasized in the community are reached this year, we mentioned archaeology, the completion of the above grade demolition work, the extensive utility relocation that was completed in 2011. and we also had an event with the mayor. we also talked about the progress made on the transit center. in 2012 we will continue all of our our reach to our neighbors. we want them to be aware of things like subterranean the demolition work that will continue that will create
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vibrations. we want neighbors to know that is coming. we will continue our monthly at reach meetings, citizen advisory meetings. we will continue to work on our media out reach. we take very seriously their responsibility that we have to educate the public about everything the new transit center will be, the fact that it will be a national model for transit-oriented development. the ability to bring an amtrak eventually, bringing in high- speed rail when it is ready. and the buses that will serve 35,000 each day. we want to make sure the public is aware with that, i will turn
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things over to sarah, our cfo. >> good morning, directors. sarah gillatie. i know we have time constraints, so if your questions afterwards, i will be happy to answer them we continue to focus on the numbers since the inception of our project. we have awarded nearly $208 million in contracts. today we have paid out over 100 million. 20% of our prime contractors are certified small businesses. over half of our subcontractors are small businesses. the next slide shows our goals and payments for each fiscal year since we started the
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program. you can see the payment number has continued to go up each year, as well as in most years our awarded percentage is going up. we will continue to put a lot of effort in this area, contractor meetings to give networking opportunities to meet with prime. we will continue to set aside work as is appropriate. and moving on to funding, our funding accomplishments and 2011, we received three grants for state and federal securities funds they are passing through for us. week received a rail line relocation grant. -- we received a rail line
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relocation grant. we have announced we will receive one. 21.24 grant for environmental work. >> could you go over the block 6/7 proposal with the circumstance that redevelopment cannot pay and to read continue. >> it might be most appropriate for mike to come up, but i know the plan is to transfer them over to tpga. they would take over negotiations and contracts. >> we were paying the redevelopment agency for staff time to renegotiate the development agreements on the state-owned parcel, with the exception of a parcel t and f.
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where we are now is mike advised of the winning bidders to hang in there while the city creates a successor entity. it will take action. the idea is for transbay authority to continue the work that redevelop it was doing. we would negotiate with the read developer of block 6 and 7. we would then put up the bids for the subsequent parts. and supervisor kim: my understanding is we would not be able to bond against the tax agreement for block 6 and 7. i was wondering -- >> we were not going to bond for block 6 and 7. affordable housing will be the issue. it is going to depend on whether
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the director finances at the state level grants us money we need to do affordable housing, otherwise it could potentially be a market-only property. that is not in our hands. that is in the state's hand at this point in time. supervisor kim: ok, we will talk later about that. to go we're following the mandate. we would love to see the affordable housing, but without the money that the redevelopment agency was using to help fund it, that is an issue. that will require the help of the city to get the state to help us with that. it is not just us, is all of the projects in the city. >> good morning. mike risso from the soon to be eliminated redevelopment agency. there has been a bill introduced in the legislature sponsored by gerald steinberg
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that will designate all of the low and moderate income housing fund as unenforceable obligation, which would mean there would be at least a large portion of the funds available for the successor entity. for that reason, i think there is still a lot of discussion going on about whether or not it makes sense to facilitate the development we and talking about to transfer the parcels. we're still looking at that. this happened very quickly, and i do not think we know exactly what the ultimate vehicle will be to get the persalts developed. we do know the city will control the parcels and the tax increment will flow to the transit center, but the exact process we have not figured out yet. in terms of housing, i think the
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bill that has been introduced in the legislature would be a big step towards protecting the affordable housing funds, but it would not be the whole answer. >> as i understand it, part of the central stated intent of the governor is to eliminate funding for affordable housing. certainly i spent months of 2011 as various part of coalitions trying to stop from happening what happened, and it was communicated in no uncertain terms that eliminating funding was not an unintended consequence, it was the goal. i would be very surprised if the governor signs the bill. that said, i have been as surprised allot in the past year.
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i would think we should not count on that. and but i guess it is not the is not tpga to figure this out. i do not know what we do. supervisor kim: thank you. >>director ortiz: i hope that my people are showing up to support there'll steinbedarrel steinbe'. we are definitely supporting it. >> the slide show at the funding plan for phase one has remained
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stable. the have not been any change in for the funding commitments at this time. in we understand that tighter for applications will be due in 2012. we will pursue funding for either bus storage or bus ramps under that program. there are two more state security grants that would pass through to us. we just submitted a grant application of the federal highway transportation community and that a highway program. sockewe have our applications id we will keep you posted on the award when it comes out.
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and with that, i will turn it over to brian to wrap up. >> one slide. what i hope to tell you and expect to tell you this time next year, all the relocation work will be finished over and closed out. we will breathe a sigh of relief frankly. zone 1 into will be all the way to the bottom and in storing the microfibrils to hold the concrete blocks because we're below water level. the first and fremont streets will be complete. some three and four, which is basically from first street to deal street


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